"I turned to Jodi for help addressing painful carpel and cubital tunnel discomfort. I was unfamiliar with acupuncture and was not sure what to expect. What I experienced was quick relief from acute pain and over a series of treatments a correction of some of the underlying issues that led to my symptoms. In that process Jodi was able to identify and treat what I can only describe as long held physical and emotional trauma. I found her to be a thoughtful practitioner who takes the time to understand how you are experiencing discomfort, but she is also able to listen to what the body is saying. I am thankful to her for helping me to address serious discomfort without resorting to pain medication or surgical treatment."                

 - Josh B.  / Durham, NC

"When I was pregnant with my second child, my son Sam, I had horrible sciatica, to the point where I could not walk. I was so uncomfortable and wincing in pain. I didn't know what to do. Being pregnant is not exactly a time to experiment with pain medicine or muscle relaxers. Jodi's acupuncture treatments really were the only thing that helped me. She was amazing. After the first treatment I started to feel some relief and after my second, I had complete relief and was able to walk and sit without any pain.  I am not sure how I would have made it without her. She is kind and thoughtful, caring and as a mom knows what it feels like to be carrying a baby! I am so glad she is back in Brooklyn so I can start seeing her again."          

- Andrea S. / Brooklyn, NY

"When the acupuncturist I was seeing originally moved on, Jodi was the acupuncturist who took her place.  What a surprise!  Jodi spent time on our initial visit to really get to know me and how I was feeling.  She has a wonderful way of seeing the body, mind and whole person in order to tap in to how all of these aspects of a person are related to whatever has brought them to acupuncture; anything from aches and pains, migraines, GI distress, sleep disturbances, you name it.  Jodi works with the individual to find areas of trapped energy in the body. My personal treatment goal became muscular in nature.  She would work hard every session to tap into trigger points to have my muscles fully release.  However,  I have truly come to appreciate and love how Jodi encourages the acupuncture session to be a time to relax and be mindful with yourself and your own body.  I never thought I would say this but if I had to choose between a massage or acupuncture, I would take the acupuncture. Those who appreciate and love massage will truly appreciate the magnitude of that statement!                                                                                                                                                             During this time my 13 year old daughter began having severe migraine headaches. I was very concerned about medicating my daughter and wanted an alternative. Jodi was an absolute life saver.  After a thorough initial visit, Jodi started to develop trust and rapport with my daughter.  Together, they developed a migraine acupuncture plan.  My daughter was able to dramatically increase the time between migraine headaches toward a total elimination of them. The acupuncture was able to manage the pain, all without any medication for migraine headaches. Along the way, my 13 year old also came to love acupuncture for its many other health benefits of calming and relaxation.  We were heartbroken to see Jodi leave, but are so happy for her and her family to be back to where she calls home.  Brooklyn is so lucky to have her."          

- Jennie B. / Durham, NC

"I am a holistic health care professional working upwards of 40 hours of hands on therapy a week. I began seeing an acupuncturist at the age of 20. I am now close to 40 years old and acupuncture is a regular part of my healthcare regimen. It seemed somewhat taboo at first, I would get odd looks when I told friends or clients how much it helped my body (physically and mentally) but as time has passed and there is more information available out there about its benefits I find that I can encourage my clients and friends to try acupuncture for whatever ailments they are “suffering” from, with out so much resistance. I was introduced to Jodi close to 2 years ago, and couldn't be happier that our paths crossed. She has a unique approach to acupuncture and healing, which for me really worked. Jodi is an extremely intuitive practitioner and her method/approach gets directly to the root of what’s going on in any given session. My job is very physical and can leave me with all sorts of aches and pains. Trigger point needling, which is a vague description of her style, is direct and to the point (pun intended) and really helps those of us who lead a physically demanding or high stress lifestyles. I am a huge fan of acupuncture and of Jodi. She is so kind and so perceptive. I have referred many friends and clients to her and would continue to do so, if she had stayed working in the Durham, Chapel Hill area. If you need something beyond her capability she is up front and will let you know what her limitations are so you are always getting the best care possible. I will miss having her as my acupuncturist and the acupuncturist at the Retreat.  Do yourself a favor,  if she is in your area don't wait another minute to book an appointment with her!                

- Blake M. owner and Practitioner of the The Retreat, Durham, NC

"Jodi helped me connect the fragmented parts of myself, facilitating integration between my emotions, thoughts, and the areas of my body that tend to hold tension and pain. Her work is holistic in the truest sense. I connect with Jodi's open-mindedness and thoughtful creativity to address whatever goals we're working towards. She has been an amazing support on my healing journey."

-Hayley B. Brooklyn, NY

"I've been receiving acupuncture for therapeutic purposes since I was in a car accident 10 years ago. Chiropractic didn't seem to help, but the intuitive, holistic nature of acupuncture, along with therapeutic massage, has been the most beneficial in overcoming physical and emotional pain. I met Jodi in Durham and began working with her a couple of times a month for over a year. Jodi helped me move stuck energy and grow as a person. I am now better able to recognize energetic and physical patterns that don't serve me. Jodi was particularly helpful in releasing long-standing trigger points in my left shoulder. She uses a combination of traditional Chinese medicine and Simons and Travell's dry needling method for myofascial pain syndrome. This approach was more effective than massage alone. My most enjoyable treatments were when I let go of expectations and let Jodi work purely from intuition based on her years of study. She is a kind, unassuming, caring person, and I recommend her for anyone interested the therapeutic benefits of  acupuncture. "

-Kerri W.-Owner and Massage Therapist at The Tranquility Company, Durham, N

"I have neck, upper back, and shoulder strain that is a direct result of my occupation as a dentist for the last 20 years.  For many years I have dealt with flares from time to time.  With increasing time and my aging body I decided I'd give acupuncture a try.  I must admit  I was somewhat skeptical even if open minded.  Acupuncture with Jodi's technique was a process which noticeably improved with each session as the communication between patient and provider became understood.  Jodi is a wonderful listener and a skilled provider.  Her kind compassionate manner is so reassuring.  I am so sorry she has moved because  I miss the deep relaxation she so expertly provided."

J Kennedy DDS, Chapel Hill, NC