Acupuncture and Guasha, a one two punch for immunity!

As Autumn falls upon us and "cold and flu" season edge up, it is always a great idea to ramp up your immune system. Fortunately acupuncture and guasha are both fun and proactive ways to achieve maximum balance and support for your immune system. 

Acupuncture has many immune boosting points, that when needled, prod your body to work with ease. A reminder of sorts. Especially in this day and age when stress takes its toll on our body's defenses. One study published in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine showed that acupuncture allowed for significant improvement in immune function in anxious women.  This of course applies to men too!

Guasha, is probably my favorite technique used in acupuncture, and is really quite amazing. The term Guasha  roughly means to "scrapewind" and Sha is the "bruising" or petechiae that becomes visible after the technique has been applied. This is done by using repeated short strokes over lubricated skin with a smooth edged tool. Don't worry, this usually heals within 2-3 days. Vietnamese folk medicine refers to catching a cold as catching wind in the body. Guasha, is an ancient healing technique, commonly used to assist in rebalancing your energies and help you to be stronger in fighting off sickness. I use it to address issues associated with colds, flu, fever, bronchitis, and of course muscle spasms. It can be used in both acute and chronic pain and can easily break up adhesions in the soft tissue. The application of Guasha can release unhealthy elements from injured areas and stimulates blood flow and healing. 

Whether you want it to just maintain a healthy body and promote bloodflow or ward off sickness, or to release your exterior musculature when feeling run down or sick, Guasha is an amazing way to feel revitalized and turn you around when feeling low.